Glass-Eyed Seahorse

Sharon L. Kator - The Original Creator of the Acrylic, Glass and Sand Beach Painting

Sharon L. Kator, Glass-Eyed Seahorse


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About Sharon

Sharon L. Kator, Glass-Eyed SeahorseI am truly a local Florida artist. My great grandparents came to the small town of Milton, Florida, just west of Destin, in a covered wagon. My childhood was spent fishing and playing on the banks of the Yellow River and the beaches of Pensacola, Navarre and Destin. My husband and I currently travel back and forth from the Destin/30a area to the Milton/Pensacola area. We love them both!!

I received a degree in Merchandising from Florida State University. My husband and I have two beautiful Maltese named Cosmo and Kramer. My husband, Steve and I have lived in Texas, North Carolina, Washington D.C. and finally back to the place I call home "Florida".

My inspiration has been the beautiful scenery and colors of the Florida Gulf Coast. I use the pale blues, greens and aqua colors of the gulf. Each painting is then embellished with glass/recycled glass, and even sand. My style is mostly impressionistic.

My work is currently on display at Quincy Art & Things in Seaside, Lilypads in Grayton Beach and Cerulean Interiors in Panama City Beach.

If you have a question about my art or are interested in putting down a deposit on a piece I have available, please do not hesitate to

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